We are here to bring beautiful sushi to the neighborhood of five points. Our sushi chefs are the heart of our Omakase menu and each brings their own unique skills and taste to serve you best. 



Omakase translates to "I will leave it to you." It is the Japanese tradition of letting the chef choose your order, both giving the chef creative freedom and the guest a memorable experience.

2752 Welton St. 

Denver, CO 80205

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J Kuni - Chef/ Owner


J has been behind the sushi bar for 20+ years. He started with traditional training and uses that to influence his flavors today. J uses his sushi bar as a creative platform for performance and expression. Any day you talk to him, he will express how the fish is the most important character on the stage and then fabulously build up a cast of supporting ingredients, textures and flavors around each plate he makes.

San - sushi chef


San's been rolling sushi for 8+ years now. He took a couple years to go back home to Burma and open his own sushi bar. Back in the states now, he is ready to bring his flavors from home to the traditional sushi that started his journey down this road. 

Fernando - sushi chef


If you love fancy, elaborate rolls, this is the guy for you. Fernando's speed is impressive and you will end up with some decadent, fun rolls in front of you. 

Caesar - sushi chef


Caesar is all about precision. He has dedicated time to perfecting each technique in the preparation of sushi and it shows in all the plates he makes. Caesar is good at listening and building up your order of sushi to whatever tastes you are feeling.

Javier - sushi chef


Javier brings in flavors from Spain into his traditional sushi training. He enjoys playing with temperatures and presentation with each omakase. 

Alicia - apprentice


Alicia is all about the flavor and bringing spices into her cooking. Having worked in kitchens for three years now, she has jumped into the sushi bar ready to learn and add to the cooking knowledge she already carries with her.

Chris - sushi chef


Chris is all about maximizing the flavor of the fish. He focuses on simple clean flavors, all that highlight whatever fish is being featured. He is attentive to each guest that he serves and loves conversing about art and the art of sushi.